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New Official 2021 Nike Air Jordan Boutique Sneakers (FR)

OFFICIEL NIKE, in the eye of the West was very lucky, easy to read and easy to remember, can be called very loud. Nike trademark symbolizes the Greek goddess of victory wings of feathers, representing the speed, but also represents the dynamic and gentle. Nike´s trademark,Nike  logo is a small hook shape concise, anxious as lightning, to see people think of speed and explosiveness after using the Nike sports goods produced. For the first time with "Nike" name sports shoes, the soles with square convex tablets to enhance the stability, both sides of the body of the shoe has a curved hook-shaped knife, a symbol of the goddess wings.
Sign Development Introduction
1.1971, the goddess of victory, Nike named because of a pair of wings dancing, student Carolyn Davidson designed the first Swoosh logo.
2.1978, the Nike Swoosh logo from the border into solid form, appears below the standard of the word, the more eye-catching highlight.
3.1985, the combination of flags in the square, the formation of positive and negative effects.
4. Today, Swoosh logo is based on the need to use separate

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